ICYMI: Precious snowflakes wanted to boot student senator because she supports Trump

The cupcake legions at the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga (UTC) are mobilizing against Hailey Puckett. She’s pure evil because she supports Donald Trump, and other members of the student council cannot stand it. Last week, Puckett, a student senator, was weathering calls for her resignation due to her political beliefs (via Campus Reform):


Hailey Puckett, the senator in question, participated in a chalking campaign on her campus during which she and her peers scrawled pro-Trump messages on the sidewalks of UTC’s campus.

“We do not support bigotry or hatred or the messages spread by Donald Trump’s ignorance.”

“Super proud of our art work, but I have a feeling half of UTC’s campus is gonna hate it,” she posted to her Twitter, predicting her future doom.

In response, a group known as “Empower UTC” issued a statement calling for Puckett’s removal from her student government position.

“Tonight we’ve asked for Hailey Puckett’s resignation from SGA because we realize that her values do not line up with the pillars we’ve established ourselves on. We do not support bigotry or hatred or the messages spread by Donald Trump’s ignorance,” Empower UTC posted to its Twitter page.


The new student-body president, Phillip Stubblefield, later tweeted Empower UTC’s call for Puckett’s resignation, expressing his support for the motion.

“We do not support the mission of those who wish to spread that ignorance. We do not support those who bask in that ignorance. We promised to represent you, and by you we mean everyone,” the statement continues.

So by writing pro-Trump slogans in chalk, which is an exercise in free speech, Puckett is at risk of being kicked out of student government? There are certainly governments who purge members who are part of a governing body with whom the powers that be have deep-seated disagreements–they’re called single-party, authoritarian dictatorships. North Korea is a prime example. Luckily, UTC isn’t going to follow the Pyongyang protocol of trying to get rid of her. Campus Reform added that the student council recently issued a statement saying they would not entertain calls for Puckett’s resignation, and that they would not ask her to vacate her post during next year’s student senate session. Still, these precious cupcakes need to process that there are differing opinions, and that they have to deal with it. I’m in no way a fan, or supporter, of Donald Trump, but millions of Americans support his candidacy. They have a right to voice their opinions. Period. Run away to your safe space if that offends you, but live it up because in the real world, there are no safe spaces.


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