Hillary spox: What is this 'wiping' you speak of? No idea what that means.

I mean, her husband quibbled about the meaning of “is,” so it’s not terribly surprising that pretending they don’t know what “wiped” means is the tack they’re taking when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s Secretary-of-State e-mails.


From the rather heated exchange:

FALLON: So, the Justice Department, in addition to having the electronic form of the PDFs provided to the State Department, they also now have the server. I don’t know what the FBI is going to do with it, but they may seek —

KEILAR: — the wiped server —

FALLON: “ — Anytime of operation on it, but — ”

KEILAR: “ — The wiped server, right, Brian?”

FALLON: “I don’t know what “wiped” means. The e-mails were deleted. The e-mails were deleted — ”

This answer is a doubling down on Hillary’s own stellar “like, with a cloth?” comment and shrugging emoticon performance at her press conference:

CNN’s Brianna Keilar tore into Hillary Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon Thursday afternoon over remarks Clinton has made about allegedly deleting crucial information from her privately-operated server.

Keilar raised the issue of Clinton being accused of “wiping” data from her server, when Fallon answered:

“I don’t know what ‘wiped’ means… The emails were deleted.”

Fallon’s inability to acknowledge what “wiping” a server means echoes Clinton’s statements from a press conference last month


It appears Fallon was clearer on the definition less than a month ago:

Mike Warren at the Weekly Standard offers an interesting Twitter analysis from a former CIA interrogator on Fallon’s responses, here.

Avoid accountability, avoid accountability, avoid accountability. It’s so incredibly insulting to voters, and they’ll probably get away with it, if not for the intervention of this intellectual warrior:



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