Video: NBC Nightly News isn't even buying the Hillary spin on the e-mail server

You’re telling me the Camp Hillary virtuoso of spin, Jennifer Palmieri, went to the trouble of sending out an op-ed length nonsense-gram to Hillary supporters today and she couldn’t even sway the network news? She may indeed be in trouble.

As Ed wrote earlier, Palmieri’s weak attempt at justifying Hillary’s conduct when it came to State Department e-mail, had many, many lies in it. It also had the tone of a teenager prepping Mom and Dad for a crap report card— “So, guys, you’re gonna hear some things in the near future…but I don’t want you to be alarmed.”

Peter Suderman at Reason ran over the lies in detail. Perhaps now Chris Matthews will understand why Carly Fiorina feels secure saying Hillary Clinton is lying about her e-mails. It’s because pretty much everything she’s said about her e-mail situation has turned out not to be true. She didn’t only use one device. She didn’t turn over everything work-related. She didn’t mostly send e-mails to government employees so they were immediately archived. She didn’t avoid classified information in corresponding over her private e-mail account. The classified information found by IGs in her relinquished e-mails was not classified after the fact but when she sent it. Oh, and there was a subpoena.

I can’t believe something put together by this consummate communications professional wouldn’t have worked like a charm. Here’s Palmieri earlier this year explaining the difference between ’08 Hillary and ’12 Hillary:

“I can’t talk — I wasn’t part of — ’08 was a very different race in terms of, uh — there was like extraordinary interest on the Democratic side and I think it’s hard just to compare the two situations,” Palmieri said. “But she’s talked about this at times. Obviously, she’s written about it in her books. But it’s true that a lot of people just don’t know it about — and I talked to reporters yesterday about this. And they said she does — you think people don’t know it? No, we don’t. We don’t think people know it. And we do think that, uh, she — she’ll talk about it tomorrow. We’ll do more of that. She has been doing it too. And it is, I think it illuminates, if you think that you need this kind of fighter in the White House, it illuminates why. And it’s true that it hasn’t taken, and I think that this is a different campaign in terms of, you know, what the press might focus on with her, and we’ll stay at it.”

And yet, NBC Nightly News declares Hillary Clinton in “damage control” tonight, with Andrea Mitchell reporting the story.

Relive another Palmieri hit, here. I never count a Clinton out, but again and again, she and her team look like lower-tier campaigners.

Update: Case in point. Ha.


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