Super: MSNBC commentator thinks FCC should fine people for "misgendering" Jenner

Violence is the new tolerance.

First, it was Ben Shapiro facing physical threats on the set of a live television show as retaliation for his pronouns.

Now, a commentator on MSNBC would like to use the power of government to go after anyone who changes names and pronouns for Caitlin Jenner 10 minutes after she did. They are, of course, history’s greatest monsters, and their speech is unfit for public consumption.

Note this is literally NBC’s Danielle Moodie-Mills’ answer to a question about “pushing this conversation forward”— fining people for speaking in a way of which she does not approve and does not meet this week’s GLAAD guidelines for addressing gender. That is not a conversation. #EndofDiscussion

She objects to people deciding that they’re “just not going to call people by their names, and that they’re going to misgender them, just because they can.” She has a problem with the freedom, and would like to remedy it. The answer is always force.

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 7:21 PM ET