Video: Your daily dose of Hillary running from any and all questions

Ed Henry stayed across the hall from Clinton this week but couldn’t get a quote:

There were a couple of Secret Service agents outside the door of a room diagonal to mine.

Wait, I thought, is Hillary Clinton in that room across the hall? Nah.

But then as I opened my door I glanced back at a Secret Service agent who was clearly laughing. And clearly amused by the fact that the hotel clerk had randomly placed a Fox News correspondent just a few yards from The Candidate Who Will Not Be Taking Your Questions Today (TCWWNBTYQT).

After dropping my bags on the bed, I dragged the rolling chair out in the hallway and knocked on a Clinton staffer’s door, telling him I was waiting for my interview.

So, he attempted to ask a question of Clinton during one of her events yesterday. She was predictably entitled and totally averse to going through the motions of running for president in any normal, accountable way:

Later, she just fled everyone:

Jack Shafer reiterates: She’s not running for president. She’s unrunning.