Guys, Michael Moore has some demands

Who can this country turn to in dark times, uncertain times, times of unrest, for cogent, well-formulated common-sense solutions and the inspiration to achieve them? Michael Moore, of course, as illustrated by the five-tweet rant that will save America.

First, from what position of authority does he make demands? Is he a leader of a movement of some kind? Does he have some kind of leverage I don’t know about? Is he holding someone hostage? Second, as Radley Balko points out, it seems an odd demand that only African-American nonviolent offenders be released. If one feels it’s a moral affront to imprison nonviolent drug offenders—and a surprising number of Americans, even in reddest Texas, do—why just release one race of offenders?

I do like that this rant hinges on a surprise semi-endorsement of 2nd-Amendment and self-defense from the maker of “Bowling for Columbine.” He’s got a point, there. The citizenry of this country is admirably well-armed, making one of his “demands” more possible. No thanks to him.