Video: The media would like you to know the Iran deal is "historic"


The deal Obama outlined yesterday won’t stop more wars from erupting in the Middle East; it will provide a cash avalanche for Iran to greatly expand its proxy wars in the Middle East, targeting Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. You could smell the aroma from Obama’s burning straw man from Washington to Tel Aviv.

And as the Post’s editors note, it’s not going to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, either. All this does is delay it until everything else falls into place for Iran, which the extra cash will help make a reality too — and that’s if they comply with the deal, which their track record strongly suggests is a sucker bet.

Janet Eilperin and Greg Jaffe write that “this was not a ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment,” but it’s much more so than the one more popularly associated with George W. Bush. To quote Winston Churchill under remarkably similar circumstances after Munich: We have suffered an unmitigated defeat. And just like in 1938, our national leader is painting it as a victory over the warmongers without any recognition that he’s just set loose the real warmongers, and what follows will be disaster and ignominy.

Chaser, in which the media is right on them talking points.

This has the potential, as one commentator put it, “of changing the way global gravity works.” That’s how great this deal is. Does he mean literally?

I suppose there’s “historic” good and “historic” bad. As Ed notes, in the shot above, it could very well be “historic” but not for the reasons Obama and his ever-willing media cheerleaders suggest.

And, by the way, the deal, as bad as it is, isn’t even a deal. It’s a framework for a coming deal. We even caved on the definition of the word “deal” to announce a historic deal had been struck. But the Obama administration is counting on the fact that anywhere west of Tel Aviv, all anyone will hear is “historic,” and they’re probably right. Just like all they heard the rest of the week about Indiana was “bigot.” It’s nothing if not an enlightened national conversation over which the greatest orator and thinker of our time presides.