Video: Barometers of political conventional wisdom say Hillary has a big problem, even on MSNBC

Today, we learned Madam Secretary did indeed have two devices, as Ed wrote about this morning. That destroyed Clinton’s ludicrous “convenience” explanation for her private e-mail address as a way to carry only one device, despite the legion staff and arrangements that could have been made to make sure she was doing the public’s business in public. Her other excuse on the day of her dismal press conference performance was that her aides, with whom she was e-mailing, had .gov addresses, and the State Department would, therefore, archive everything she was sending them.

It has since turned out a) that her closest aides had addresses: “Obtaining an account from that domain became a symbol of status within the family’s inner circle, conferring prestige and closeness to the secretary.” And, b) even if e-mails had gone to Clinton aides on .gov addresses, they wouldn’t have been auto-archived anyway.

Defense after defense, demolished. Which brings us to Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and John Heilemann. I think it’s safe to call them sort of barometers for Washington conventional wisdom. If they are getting a little bearish on a Democrat, it probably means there’s real trouble here and the media may continue to pay attention to it. Heileman today noted the convenience argument “crumbling at [Hillary’s] feet.”

Meanwhile on an MSNBC panel, a NYT reporter lets this fly after Alex Wagner asks, hoping against hope that it’s not true, if this story might have legs: “Even the most ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton has to be like, ‘you did what? Wait.'”

The Free Beacon noticed in the emails the AP uncovered that, of course, Clinton mixed up the personal and the work subjects while e-mailing on this private server, which means there was likely work-related content in the discarded e-mails:

Emails obtained by the AP show that Clinton occasionally mixed up personal correspondence with work-related matters. For example, Clinton once responded to an email about drone strikes in Pakistan from senior aide Huma Abedin with a series of questions about interior decorating.

The security of our nation hung in the valances, apparently.

Exit question: Does a FOIA expert think Hillary Clinton knowingly broke the law?

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Jazz Shaw 5:31 PM on February 04, 2023