Hm: Hillary was warned over private e-mail use, security?

Several have wondered, surely there was someone in the Clinton orbit who said, “Hey, maybe it’s not the greatest idea ever for you to ignore federal records acts, never get a government e-mail, and so obviously hide everything you do during your tenure at the State Department.” Well, there wasn’t anyone close enough to her to care to get the message through, apparently, but there was someone. Lowly IT guy, take a bow:

State Department technology experts expressed security concerns that then–Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private email service rather than the government’s fortified and monitored system, but those fears fell on deaf ears, a current employee on the department’s cybersecurity team told Al Jazeera America on Tuesday.

The employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing his job, said it was well known that Clinton’s emails were at greater risk of being hacked, intercepted or monitored, but the warnings were ignored.

“We tried,” the employee said. “We told people in her office that it wasn’t a good idea. They were so uninterested that I doubt the secretary was ever informed.”

The Clinton e-mail address at issue had in fact already been revealed by a previous hacking:

The first hint of a secret Clinton email address came from the infamous Romanian hacker who used the nom-de-hack ‘Guccifer.’ He was later sentenced to four years in prison for his illegal exploits.

Marcel Lazar Lehel – Guccifer’s real name – breached the email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a former Bill Clinton aide who later joined Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. Blumenthal had sent emails to her at the ‘’ address, according to The Smoking Gun.

Some of the messages Guccifer leaked online consisted of intelligence reports, sent in late 2012 to Clinton’s back-channel address, and covered matters in Libya – including the aftermath of the September 11, 2012 terror attack in Benghazi.

The Smoking Gun has more details:

While he rummaged through Blumenthal’s e-mail account, “Guccifer” sorted mail sent to Clinton’s [email protected] address. He then took a screen grab showing more than two dozen e-mails sent over a two-month period ending in mid-February 2013.

Along with Valentine’s Day greetings and a mention of Clinton “walking in my neighborhood,” the subject lines of those Blumnethal e-mails include repeated references to “intel” shared with the Secretary of State. Other subject lines refer to “Q you raised” and “got your message a few days ago; I’m around whenev…” A February 17 e-mail included the subject line, “H: fyi, will continue to send relevant intel. Sid.”

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Even more horrifying, she may have conducted her business in Comic Sans. #DISQUALIFYING

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