Video: First TV ad against Hillary asks her the question the press won't

Indeed, what side would Hillary Clinton, potential presidential nominee be on, if asked about the potential Democratic boycott of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress tomorrow? This would be a tricky question to answer, as many of the pro-Israel Jewish donors and votes Hillary would like to court would object mightily to her assenting to a boycott. But the vast left wing of the party, which she’d like to prevent from entertaining those impure Ready for Warren thoughts, is no great friend of Israel, especially when Netanyahu is perceived as injuring The Precious with his protocol. It’d at least be entertaining, and probably telling, to watch her walk this line. But alas, she is never asked about every single possible position a Democrat can take, from the mundane to the potentially problematic. She’s hanging back, “inevitable” and unbothered despite the fact that it’s her party members that will potentially boycott Netanyahu’s speech and she was the Secretary of State to the administration that has so estranged him.

So, the Emergency Committee for Israel decided to ask her:

Which prompted the New York Times to at least shoot an e-mail to Hillary camp:

“Does she support the boycotters, or is she too afraid to stand up to them?” it asks.

A spokesman for Mrs. Clinton did not respond to an email for comment. A White House press aide did not respond to an email.

Thanks for giving it the ol’ college try, guys. Maybe ECI should put out an ad on every question the New York Times should already be asking Hillary.

We talked about this phenomenon a bit on Howard Kurtz’s show, “MediaBuzz,” this weekend. When a Democrat says something or takes a position that’s potentially problematic, rarely are other leading Democratic candidates asked about the outrage du jour incessantly. Republicans, on the other hand, must answer for every potentially problematic thing said by every member of the party who ever existed. Someday, I’m sure, if I say something silly enough, they’ll have to answer for me, small potatoes though I am.

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