Three Marines foil armed robbery of woman without wrinkling dress blues


On “Fox and Friends” today, Schebesta explained that they were in the office when they heard a car honking.

Shoemaker said that they went outside to see a woman erratically driving over curbs in the parking lot.

He approached her and she said she was being robbed by two men who claimed they had a gun, and she asked the Marines for help.

Twigg said they then ran after the two fleeing suspects, not hesitating even though one had said he had a gun.

“I’ve been shot at before. It’s not as bad as everyone thinks,” Shoemaker said in an earlier interview. “Most people miss.”

Shoemaker said that the Marines gave chase across the street and caught up with one of the suspects.

“That’s when I put him in a wrist lock and Sgt. Schebesta blocked his back,” Shoemaker said.

He explained that he put the suspect in a standing wrist lock so he wouldn’t have to get on the ground in his dress blues.


When asked by Steve Doocy about the above quote, Staff Sgt. Ben Shoemaker replied, “That is correct, sir.”

The victim was no shrinking violet herself. A retired police officer, she had pushed one of the alleged robbers and fled to her pick-up truck, then tried to give chase to the suspects. That’s when the Marines came upon her.

The quotes from Shoemaker are reason enough to make this story famous. Behold:

“She said, ‘Help me I’m being robbed.’ I stopped paying attention to her. She’s not the problem,” said Staff Sgt. Ben Shoemaker.

“No — that kid was never going to outrun me,” Shoemaker added. “Marines run towards the sound of chaos.”

“It’s really what I’m trained to do, be it recruiting, be it that — my job is to protect the United States public,” said Shoemaker.

Meet these guys, on “Fox & Friends.” Watch the whole thing. They’re so Marines it hurts. Matter-of-fact heroism at its best.


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David Strom 6:00 PM | February 27, 2024