Texas theater to show "Team America" in place of canceled "Interview"

Sometimes, you just need Texas. As the rest of the entertainment industry was being brought to its knees by the threat of more hacking and terrorism, a theater in Texas decided to both capitalize on this story and stand up for freedom of speech. The only bummer is they’re holding a free screening, as I’d hoped they’d rake in a bunch of cash for filling a gap in the market, which would be as appropriately American as the statement they’re making about our values. They should be rewarded, and they will be, at least with brand recognition and good will:

Fresh off the disappointing news that Sony Pictures has cancelled the December 25th release of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg‘s comedy, The Interview, the Alamo Drafthouse announced that, in its place, they’ll screen Matt Parker and Trey Stone‘s Team America: World Police.

This won’t be at every theater for every screening unfortunately. In fact, as of right now, it’s just one night, one show, at one theater. But it’s a clever, wonderful piece of programming from a chain known for that kind of thing. Read more about the Team America The Interview screening below.

Drafthouse announced the Team America The Interview idea on their Facebook page. Team America will screen December 27 at 7 p.m. at the Dallas Fort-Worth location. It’s a free screening and will be a sing-a-long, because of course it is.

In the only good news in The Hollywood Reporter today, we find out “American flags and other patriotic items will be given out by theater employees, Wallace says.” Because America, dammit.

Bonus: Matt Stone and Trey Parker might make some money off of this. As two of the few actually courageous artists in the entertainment industry, I’m all about that. Here’s hoping this idea spreads, especially if Sony continues to cave to terrorists, as looks likely.

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