Ew: Milbank says Hillary's lost that new-car smell

In a move from which he’ll have to backtrack as soon as Hillary Clinton is coronated by the Democratic Party, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has declared she has lost that “new car smell” voters crave. Yeah, I’m mildly creeped out, too. Exactly when did she last have it, one wonders? She’s been on the national political scene for 20 years. Nonetheless, Milbank reports from Clinton’s speech in Georgetown today, where crowds were not exactly, ahem, fired up and ready to go. Or, even very crowded, as this video clip reveals:


So, Milbank:


And, more:

Maybe it was just overexposure. Clinton began by joking that she’d been to Georgetown more in the last couple of years than her husband, who is an alumnus. This got a polite chuckle. A spokeswoman for the university said that this is the last week of classes, so students may be busy preparing for final exams.

But it has to be a worrisome sign for Clintonistas as they prepare to launch her 2016 juggernaut. President Obama, talking to ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos last month about Clinton’s efforts to distance herself from the unpopular president, said “the American people, you know, they’re going to want that new-car smell.” Doug Schoen, whose polling firm worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and who now is a Fox News regular, contributed his view that his former client lacks that particular scent.

The students who did show up Wednesday did not seem dazzled. They gave another polite chuckle for her reference to Harvard as “that small university up in Cambridge, Massachusetts,” but they were dead quiet during most of her speech. A few took photos with their phones; others fiddled with their hair. Several began trickling out before the 40-minute appearance was over. The main applause line Clinton generated was her reference to another woman joining her on the stage, Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide, who, Clinton said, “belongs to a small but fierce club of women who are proving they can defend their countries as well as any man.”


The verdict, even from dutiful Beltway media, at the moment is “meh,” and the young, educated women who populate Georgetown’s campus weren’t thrilling to her every word? Come on, Democrats, there’s room for a challenger, here. Entertain us! Yassss.

According to a new CNN/ORC International poll, Joe Biden is in a solid position to fill her shoes. Without the option of supporting Clinton, the vice president garnered 41 percent support among Democrats and left-leaning independents.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, beloved among progressives, trails Biden by double digits, with just 20 percent support, while New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Sen. Bernie Sanders of New York took 7 percent each. Former Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia, the only politician who has made any real moves to join the race, got 3 percent support.

Meanwhile, from the man who brought us “My Humps” and that autotuned Obama speech comes music to my ears, even if his wording isn’t quite lyrical:

“It would have been hard for anyone….it’d be hard for anyone…that’s-a-that’s a that question. I don’t even know how to answer that question,” the singer said to Larry King in an interview for his Ora.tv show Larry King Now.

“Yes and no,” he added when asked again by King if he was disappointed in Obama. “Yes….I’m disappointed…and no….yes I’m disappointed.”


When you’ve lost the guy who literally penned your paens (sounds dirtier than it is)…

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