Video: Phoenix business owner foils bank robbery by waiting at get-away car with his gun

One suspect is dead and one in custody after a Phoenix business owner came to the aid of a neighboring business. The Desert Schools Credit Union was being robbed by masked gunmen Wednesday when a neighboring business owner apparently heard about the fracas and decided to act. According to one witness, the business owner, who has not been named, took the keys from the get-away car and waited outside for the suspects with a firearm. The suspects attempted an escape, but ended up leaving a trash bin of cash in the parking lot and executing an Axl-Foley-approved whirlwind of property damage trying to get out of the parking lot.


“He took the keys out of the car because they left the car running. And so he took the keys out of the car and kind of, I guess, he stood behind it waiting for them (the suspects) to come out,” said Therea Sessler, owner of Fix Salon.

“What scares me the most is I’m just a couple doors down,” said Eduardo Lopez, who works at the nearby Jersey Mikes. “It could’ve been me.”