Video: Alison Lundergan Grimes sticking with this whole my-vote-is-private shtick

I don’t get this. No matter how in the dumps the president’s numbers are, you can say, “Yes, I voted for the man elected to represent my party by my fellow Democrats. I think he is a good man who’s faced extraordinary troubles brought on by [insert Bush insult here]. But, yes, I’ve had differences with the President. I was a Clinton primary voter as many of you were. This is the process, and I think we’ve all voted for someone with whom we don’t necessarily agree all the time. We Kentuckians are so independent of spirit, it’d be mighty hard to find that person, wouldn’t it? I know y’all hear me! I look forward to taking that independent spirit with me to the Senate because the most important votes I’ll ever cast, should you entrust me with that privilege, will be for the people of Kentucky.”

Done and done. She’d take a tiny bit of heat for it, but it’s not like anyone doesn’t already know she voted for Obama. That’s always been part of the baggage of this campaign. This dodge is the equivalent of spelling curse words in front of your 17-year-old— errybody knows what’s going on. Instead of answering forthrightly, Grimes has subjected herself to a, what?, 72-hour news cycle about the fact that she won’t say who she voted for. Tonight, she’s heaped on another helping, refusing to answer again at her debate with Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Really, what’s the deal, here? She’s not even being principled about the sanctity of her vote, consistently. She’s happy to talk about the ones that help her.

And, McConnell lays the contrast on thick with this potentially awkward but frank answer. And, nobody’ll say boo about it because he didn’t make it into a big thing: