Brave cat jumps from fiery collapsing building, saves no one but himself

Meet Sylvester, a bad-ass Canadian cat. That’s right, on this day on which our troops are engaged in an active fight against our enemies overseas, I am writing about a Canadian cat. I am vying for most RINO of them all, am I not? Nonetheless, this cat is cool and we need a palate cleanser, and if Allah’s not gonna write about him, I shall.

The Towers Hotel in Dauphin collapsed after a fire overtook it last week, according to CTV in Winnipeg. It appears to be a long-term stay hotel, as Canadian reporting referred to its 25 residents, all of whom escaped safely. They were liberated from the dangerous scene, no doubt without any help from this cat who was just perched on a window sill waiting for the fire to bring the window sill down to the ground for him, so he could smoothly stroll off of it and across the street all on his own. Like a boss. Like a cat. He might as well be doing it in slow motion with a fireball behind him, never flinching for a second.

One person is in custody over the blaze, and the cat is back with his owner after being observed for smoke inhalation at a local vet. Not that he cared about the reunion. He’s so hard.

Dogs are gonna save. Playas gonna play. And, haters gonna hate on Sylvester. But I say play on.

H/t Stephen Gutowski.

Jazz Shaw Aug 17, 2022 11:01 AM ET