Landrieu to reimburse taxpayers for private charter flight to fundraiser that may have broken federal law


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) has decided to reimburse her Senate office $5,700 for a chartered flight from New Orleans to Shreveport for an official event, then Shreveport to Dallas for a fundraiser.

Federal law and Senate rules require expenses to be split between campaign and Senate accounts when campaign functions overlap with official business.


Under federal law and Senate rules, the cost of a trip that includes official and campaign stops must often be prorated between Senate and campaign accounts. However, if the campaign activity is “incidental” to the official trip, the expense doesn’t need to be split up. In this case, Landrieu’s Senate office picked up the whole cost of the trip.

Asked Wednesday about the trip, Landrieu’s Senate spokesman, Matthew Lehner, said in a statement:

“Sen. Landrieu was invited to an official evening event in Shreveport. She was traveling back to D.C. through Dallas, and a fundraiser in Dallas was added to her schedule,” he said. “Out of an abundance of caution in case there was a cost allocation error connected to this flight, the Senate will be reimbursed for the (Shreveport to Dallas) flight.”

When you’re in a tight race, it’s never good to be billing the good people of Louisiana, many of whom will never see the inside of a chartered plane, $6,000 for your cushy seat and in-flight mimosa in an election year.

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