On like Donkey Kong: Co-hosting "The Independents" tonight on Fox Business

I’m co-hosting “The Independents” on Fox Business at 9 p.m. tonight, subbing for the lovely and totally rad Kennedy. Today’s Me is honored and excited, and somewhere, 1994 Mary Katharine is all SQUEE.

Find out how many detainees Ron Paul would have released for Bergdahl! Who does Rep. Justin Amash like for leadership? See Chris Moody’s hair! And, I get my own segment— “Going HAM.” Because I’m hard. Obvi. Matt Welch runs down the show.

As befits tradition, Red Meat Wednesday is back with a KABOOM! (Don’t ask how red meat explodes, just work with me.) Kicking off the show is the right honorable libertarian gentleman Ron Paul, who will likely talk about how much he misses Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va., though not for long), and also what we’ve learned from today’s Bowe Bergdahl congressional hearings with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Batting second is Yahoo News political reporter Chris Moody, who will hopefully unravel the mystery of who is David Brat, and why exactly did he win. Cleanup is Ron Paul 2.0 Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), who knows a thing or two about running primary elections against the Chamber of Commerce. And rounding out the Cantor-Commentary is FreedomWorks President/CEO Matt Kibbe, who will exclusively reveal whether he had to Google how to pronounce Brat’s name correctly last night.

Party Panel tonight is Red Eye co-host Andy Levy and NASCAR-loving Fox News correspondent Dagen McDowell,

In the meantime, please enjoy this very important debate from last night’s “Red Eye” on toys of the ’80s during which we discover only I was actually a child of the ’80s. So, you should only trust me. Click to watch this all-estrogen panel (Hi, Andy):


Picture via Morgan Cody.