Good news: Obama dropped in on a Little League practice, so that should solve everything

Alternative headline: President Obama visits only field in town where his pitch can reach the plate.

A group of young ballplayers got a big league surprise Monday when President Barack Obama stopped by their practice in northwest Washington, D.C.

“Oh my God it’s the president!” a little leaguer shouted when Obama strutted onto the field to warm up with the players.

The president made a surprise visit on his way to a fundraiser, according to a pool reporter present. Coincidentally, the daughter of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is on one of the teams.

“Had to bring your dad to the game or he was going to be late,” Obama told her.

Really? Coincidentally? They coincidentally surprised the ballclub of the young Carney recently featured in a fawning cover piece of the local society magazine for Moms making over a half a million dollars.

“You wanna normalize it?”

And, if this doesn’t fix the issue of veterans who bravely served our country dying while waiting for health care services from a government agency derelict in its most sacred duty, busily covering its own ass instead of trying to rectify the situation, you know what probably will?

A trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Update: The press is ON IT.