Hm: Add Rep. Marsha Blackburn to your 2016 pools, people

An aide for Rep. Marsha Blackburn today suggested she’ll “test the waters” for a possible 2016 run for president. The tough, diminutive Tennessee mom of two is serving her fifth term in the House. She’s admirably unafraid to walk into the lion’s den at MSNBC, and often comes out swinging with success. She also takes an active interest in tech policy, reaching out to conferences and communities not used to a lot of visits from Republicans.

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn will consider running for president in 2016 — if she sees an opportunity to do so, an aide to the 7th District Republican told RealClearPolitics.

Blackburn is scheduled to be one of the speakers at a New Hampshire Republican rally this weekend but was not previously known to be mulling a White House bid.

“If there’s a door to kick down, she’s willing to kick it down,” the aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said. “These are the kinds of events you go to — test the waters, and see what the reaction is.”

Blackburn is a staunch social and fiscal conservative who was first elected to Congress in 2002, and a presidential run by her would be a long shot by any measure.

But with no women known to be plotting a 2016 bid on the Republican side, she has the potential to stir up the pot in a wide-open race for the nomination.

“There is kind of a void to fill there,” the Blackburn aide said of the likely GOP presidential field. “Whenever there’s been a need for leadership or someone to get out there and fight the fight, she’s always been the first in line and she’s not afraid of it. She’s not afraid to go toe to toe with anybody.”

She’s sharp with a great Southern-woman demeanor and accent for bringing the hammer down on someone without looking like a jerk. Should be fun to watch her.