Cotton asks Pryor to remove 4-Pinocchio claim from website

The Pryor campaign claim: Cotton “was a Washington insider working for insurance companies and corporate special interests,” Pryor’s website claims. And, “Before Congress, Cotton got paid handsomely working for insurance companies,” says the voiceover on an ad running in Arkansas.


The truth: Rep. Tom Cotton used to work for consulting company McKinsey, which does some work for some insurance companies, but Cotton never worked on those projects.

Glenn Kessler, Washington Post fact-checker:

This attack ad attempts to connect the dots: Rep. Tom Cotton made a fortune working for insurance companies, the story goes, and so he would happily do their bidding as Republicans dismantle Medicare. The ad even helpfully provides an image of connected dots.

The problem is that these dots are as phony as a three-dollar bill.

Click to watch a great new feature of the Post‘s, fact-checking each the in video form. It’s slick, simple, and effective:

Cotton ad

Alana Goodman of the Free Beacon reports:

Despite the pushback from fact-checkers, the Senate Majority PAC said it will continue to run the ad.

Cotton’s campaign said on Thursday that the line of attack “originated on Pryor’s campaign website.”

“If Senator Pryor has a shred of integrity, he’ll take down this discredited lie from his website and apologize to the voters he has misled with these false accusations,” Cotton campaign manager Justin Brasell said in a statement.

Gonna be a nasty year in Arkansas.

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Jazz Shaw 5:21 PM on September 27, 2023