Great moments in state exchange success: CO director put on leave after fraud indictment

The allegations: She paid herself healthy sums for “consulting” work for her federally funded housing agency in Montana even though she was already paid as a full-time employee, charged homeowners she was “helping” for things that didn’t exist, used federal money for personal travel and paying members of her own family.

She pled not guilty Feb. 6 in Montana.

Colorado saw fit to put her on administrative leave, Lois-Lerner-style, and emphasizes she didn’t have access to anyone’s finances. Whew!

A director with Colorado’s health-care exchange was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday after it was discovered she has been accused of stealing from a nonprofit housing organization she oversaw in Montana.

Christa McClure, 51 is the director of partner engagement for Connect for Health Colorado, the state program that implements the Affordable Care Act in the state.

In her Colorado job, McClure does not have access to any of exchange’s finances, spokesman Ben Davis said. He said the charges against her are “very serious and we are taking this very seriously.”

The full indictment is here.

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Though I hesitate to trash the states without also noting that state exchanges, boondoggles though they are, seem to at least acknowledge the need for state personnel to pay some price for these failures. At the moment, that’s better than the accountability at the federal level.