Video: Connecticut man saves bald eagle

Just in time for Christmas, our national symbol is saved by a guy who puts him in an appropriately festive red fleece and drives him meet wildlife experts. Let’s hope that his quick action both saved the eagle and saves him from fear of prosecution by a federal government which takes none too kindly to citizens saving wildlife willy nilly.

Anyone else surprised how seemingly docile this eagle is? I don’t believe I’d have my face anywhere near that beak:

What started as a hike along a Utah ski trail turned into a rescue of one of the country’s most majestic creatures.

“We saw a bird just struggling to fly. Within a few seconds of us getting close, we could tell it was a bald eagle, so it was pretty shocking,” said Taylor Schulte, a Connecticut native who spoke to NBC Connecticut via Skype.

He helped to pick up the bald eagle. Schulte and his father-in-law wrapped it in a coat and took it to safety, not knowing what was wrong with the bald eagle.

Update: That is a Salt Lake City Olympics jacket. Well played, guy.

Update: Sorry, guys. I left this in draft form before I went to church, which is why it’s posting late. Apologies! I thought it had gone up. Merry Christmas!