Please, no: Obama to use presidency as stepping stone to SportsCenter gig

So, the plan is finally revealed. He’s been building his resume by inserting himself into every March Madness, Super Bowl, and World Series for the last five years while casually mucking up giant parts of his day job. Now, we know why.

If you have any doubt as to how much of a sports junkie Barack Obama is, check in with the entertainment moguls who attended a private briefing with the president Nov. 26 before his speech at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation campus in Glendale.

At the end of the conversation — which touched on a myriad of topics, from piracy to Iran — Obama revealed what’s at the top of his bucket list post-White House: “At least I know what I want to do when I retire … host ESPN SportsCenter’s Top 10 list,” Obama quipped as he turned to Disney’s Robert Iger, whose empire includes ESPN.

You know, when I read the headline “I want to host ESPN’s SportsCenter when I retire,” I thought to myself it sounded like a little much. I’m sure hosting SportsCenter is fun, but it’s also gotta be a daily grind— not something to be undertaken by President Obama, especially in retirement, without ample golf breaks. When I read he just wants to do the highlight reel, it all snapped into focus. The Top 10 list is the part of SportsCenter most like the president’s favorite activity— giving a keen speech without executing much of anything. It’s the health care campaign speeches without the website build.

Lord help us if he manages to continue ruining sports after he’s done ruining health care. I imagine he’ll opt for high-paying speeches, sweet seats at the Final Four, and the occasional sports-related interview. A SportsCenter commercial cameo could actually be hilarious. Thankfully, the bigwigs didn’t take him seriously:

Other than having a good laugh, Iger apparently didn’t respond.

“Everyone had a good giggle,” says one person who attended.

Hey, a liberal ideologue with a longtime love of sports, a penchant for condescension, disdain for half the country, and terrible management skills? That slot’s been filled.

DaDaDa DaDaDa

Exit trivia: Did you know President Ronald Reagan was in the booth when Bo Jackson hit the lead-off homer in the All-Star Game in 1989? When you see the outfits of the dudes scrambling for the ball when it goes over the fence, I think you’ll agree this may be the most awesomely late-’80s moment the late ’80s had to offer:

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