Wasserman Shultz apparently still doing this "We will run on Obamacare" thing

Half the charm of Kung Fu movies or the Power Rangers is knowing that under the stilted, clumsy, desperately insistent words you hear dubbed is a whole other drama in the actors’ native language. I like to imagine the DNC’s lifelike talking points robot is delivering a hastily prepared rewrite of the thoughts in her head while the truth wreaks havoc of Godzilla-esque proportions just behind her eyes. Imagine administration deadlines getting blown apart like so many model skyscrapers as she speaks.


REINCE PREIBUS: The question that’s on the table right now is which person that’s running as a Democrat in these targeted states, who? –

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates

PRIEBUS: Mary Landrieu, who?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates are able to run on the provisions of Obamacare.

PRIEBUS: But you won’t say it.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: I just said it.

PRIEBUS: Ok, so they’re going to run on Obamacare?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: All of our candidates will be able to use Obamacare as an advantage.

PRIEBUS: Great. Excellent.

Wasserman Schultz follows up by telling one of those mythic success stories of “a woman” under Obamacare. Priebus is doubtful this will trump what polling shows about Obamacare in Montana, Arkansas, South Dakota, etc. Someone better tell Senate Democrats they’re supposed to be running on this thing, not away from it. Lost in translation, I suppose.


PRIEBUS: And that’s fine. I’m happy you’re going to run on Obamacare.

Now, that’s a line that doesn’t require any translation.

“I think Democrats will run on Obamacare next year”
“I meant what I said: We’re running on Obamacare next year”

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