Um: Social-media savvy administration refers to young supporters as #WHYouth?

I’m with Ben Howe. I think it’s a trap:

The White House declared on Twitter Monday that it will hold a youth summit via Google Hangout with the guy who threw away his regular role on “House” to be a public liaison in the Obama administration and a woman charged with tweeting about for the administration 24/7. At least they’re not advising anyone on how to choose employment wisely. Sheesh.

Maybe Google Hangout won’t break down while they’re holding the event.

I mean, the GOP is expected to make dumb social media mistakes. But these guys? Turns out they’re not good at any of the stuff we’ve always been told they were. In the meantime, the Photos ‘shop themselves and the tweets roll on.

As I’ve said after Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal, it’s not conservatives’ fault when the White House lives down to our very worst expectations.

Front-page credit to mehlam786 on Flickr.

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