Christie: Maybe folks in Washington should tune in their TV right now to see how it's done

I’ll update with the whole speech once it’s up, but here’s a bit. It’s clearly a speech with a national pitch. Click to watch:




• “We stand here tonight showing that it is possible to put doing your job first. To put working together first. To fight for what you believe in yet still stand by our principles and get something done for the people who elected you.”

• “I did not seek a second term to do small things. I sought a second term to finish the job. Now watch me do it.”

• Mr. Christie said his job was transformed when Hurricane Sandy dealt a crippling blow to the state. “It’s no longer a job for me. It’s a mission. A mission is something that is different from a job. It’s something sacred.”

Meanwhile, if you don’t like Christie, you can at least delight in how his dominance ties the Democratic Party in knots. Heh:

In her concession speech, Barbara Buono took some shots at her party’s leaders.

After telling supporters that she had called Gov. Chris Christie to congratulate him on his re-election — “We’re just two parents who want to see the best for our children’s future,” she said — Ms. Buono, a Democratic state senator, launched into an attack against those she called “the bosses and the political machines that have defined New Jersey’s politics for far too long.”

She thanked aides who “withstood the onslaught of betrayal from our own political party.”

And she recalled her decision to back down and let party leaders install their choice for state party chairman like this:

“I took one for the team. The only problem, I realized too late there was no team.”


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