Video: Freaky-deaky Oregon Obamacare ad gets psychedelic with your tax money, man

Hey, man, we’re just living in a Yellow Submarine world in which the Yellow Submarine is a taxpayer subsidized acid trip.

This ad for Cover Oregon, the state’s Obamacare-pushing entity cost taxpayers a mere couple million, according to Americans for Tax Reform. It includes no actual information about the health care exchanges, but a retro hipstery busker flying over the Orwellian rainbows of Portland “on our own wings.”

There’s more to come
. The lyrics:

“We fly with our own wings. Care about the same things. We stand strong together. So let me hear you say. We fly with our own wings. Dreamin’ all the big dreams. Long live Oregonians; we’re free to be healthy. Long live Oregonians; we’re free to be healthy.”

In addition to being totally useless for enrolling users or helping them understand the complex system about to be presented unto them, the ad takes serious liberties with the definitions of “own” and “free.” Obtaining health insurance via a government exchange and generous subsidies from other taxpayers is sort of the opposite of “flying with our own wings,” unless the busker means “our” in an “it takes a village” sense, but then, whose wings are they?

And, they’re “free” to be healthy because they were never free to exercise or maintain a good diet or have health insurance before? Perhaps this ad is meant to emphasize that Oregonians may now be “free” of the insurance the president swore they could keep if they liked it, but cheer up— now, you’re free to be healthy by “flying with your own” subsidized wings. Maybe, assuming this whole exchange thing goes off without a hitch.

And, if you lose your current coverage and can’t get new coverage through the new exchange, enjoy “standing strong together” and “singing.” That’ll probably help with the diabetes.

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