Filner: I will take the therapy option and not resign, thanks

The best way to recap this press conference is to tell you it started with a partial statement by Filner, interrupted by a microphone snafu, which prompted this, which was frozen on the screen for long enough to give all of us at least some amount of empathy for Filner’s victims:

Filner Smile

Filner exited the room for several minutes, leaving the networks guessing as a sound tech in a Hawaiian shirt messed with the microphone. Filner reemerged several minutes later to offer a non-specific confession of his harassment and intimidating behavior, and promising to become a better person by going to two weeks of therapy starting August 5.

Thursday night, the San Diego Democratic Party voted 34-6 to ask former Congressman and Mayor Bob Filner to resign from his office in the wake of allegations from a total of 13 women. Last week, the San Diego city council declined to do so, despite the fact they and the party apparatus knew of accusations from six women up to two years ago.

Correction: I rewrote the above paragraph to specify it was the Democratic Party’s vote, which I referred to mistakenly as a city council vote.

Update: An embarrassment of embarrassments back-to-back on live TV today, much to Shep Smith’s delight. Thank you, Free Beacon.

Jazz Shaw Jul 06, 2022 9:01 AM ET