Video: The anti-fracking indoctrination rap for middle-schoolers

At Evergreen Middle School in Colorado, just an academic exploration by the representatives of a political environmental group called the Earth Guardians, including a pretty pathetic anti-fracking rap, with a call-back section for your middle school student, for maximum creepy indoctrination effect:

Principal Kristopher Schuh has responded to parental concern about this one-sided presentation:

Hello everyone,
Thank you for quickly bringing your valid concerns to my attention. I will continue to presume positive intentions as I meet with our teacher tomorrow to discuss what transpired and ensure that the opposite side of this issue is being clearly and fairly represented. I will also begin a thorough review of the process of vetting a speaker before they are allowed to present to our students.

I’ll follow up soon,

The Blaze learned that the presentation was part of a separate event, and not “specifically planned” to be anti-fracking. Instead, the Earth Guardians were brought in as part of a broader “Day Without Hate,” which is supposed to be about tolerance, but is really a nifty way to haul in a bunch of liberal messengers with dubious educational value under a nice, fuzzy seemingly unobjectionable umbrella:

Lynn Setzer, head of communications at Jeffco Public Schools, told TheBlaze that the presentation was part of the district-wide “Day Without Hate” event, started after the Virginia Tech shooting. Each school decides on their own how to mark the event, which is supposed to be about tolerance and respect, Setzer said. The event is not supposed to have anything to do with fracking.

Instead, the teacher responsible for bringing in the “Earth Guardians” did so because 12-year-old “youth leader” Xiuhtezcatl Martinez received a peace award from the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center last year, Setzer said.

The school will send a letter of apology and some materials covering both sides of the fracking debate home with students. But my main objection remains unaddressed: I thought making educational raps to make boring stuff cool was hackneyed by ’93. Here we are 20 years later. Come on, America.

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