Serious: K-Mart's 'Ship My Pants' ad

I felt like we might need a palate cleanser, and I have chosen a poop joke. I have a feeling this thing is going viral pretty quickly, as I’ve seen it pop up in my Facebook feed a couple times just today. It’s kinda nice to see a down-on-its-luck retailer make an ad that might earn it a second look. For those who doubt the efficacy of a viral ad campaign, check out the stats on those Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice commercials— 1.4 billion impressions of the campaign translated into a 55 percent sales increase over three months in 2010.

Granted, this one has fewer opportunities for reinterpretation and interaction, but don’t discount the possibility of modern America gleefully YouTubing clips about all the things it can “ship.”

The good news is, K-Mart did not make a list this week of five retailers likely to disappear in the next five years. Those were J.C. Penney, Staples, Sears, Radio Shack, and Barnes & Noble. The bad news is K-Mart is actually part of the same company as Sears, so maybe it did make the list.

Let’s commence to bailing out, people! I’m sure we can muster enough nostalgia for the Sears portrait studio (ironic portraits, anyone?) and remote control cars from Radio Shack to cobble mere billions together from taxpayers. In seriousness, though I do not wish these retailers bailouts, I wish them good luck and savvy and the possibility of reinvention the free market always offers.

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