SNL on sequester: What will become of the Village People?

Come for President Obama admitting, “I really have no idea about how money works or how budgets work.” Stay for the priceless portrayal of a heroic public school teacher at three minutes.

Perhaps more than anything, this skit signals to me that Americans might not experience sequester as the fiscal armageddon Obama promised. Instead, SNL lightly lampoons the president’s claims on cut-backs with increasingly silly examples, and though Obama comes in for no particular blame in the skit, neither is a lame Boehner impression trotted out to take it on the chin. The skit finishes with the depressing and true claim that, nine months from now, no one will remember the sequester because there will be another in a rolling series of financial calamities to worry about. Yes, that does seem to be a hallmark of the last five years.