Video: Medal of Honor recipient's son steals the show

After a day of dissecting a series of dreary moments from a spectacle that matters very little, have your palate cleansed by this delightful moment from a ceremony that means so much. This video is from Tuesday, but I felt like we needed a pick-me-up around here.

Before the Medal of Honor ceremony for Army Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha, it was little Colin Romesha who took center stage. The formally dressed toddler took his chance to play a little hide-and-seek behind the presidential podium and even climb into the chair meant for his dad. Whenever my manners were in question as a kid, my father would ask me, “Would you act that way at the White House?” Turns out running a little wild just means you’ll go viral.

Colin also made it into the president’s remarks:

“Colin is not as shy as Clint,” President Obama noted in his remarks. “He was in the Oval Office, and he was racing around pretty good and sampled a number of the apples before he found the one that was just right.”

Allahpundit wrote up Romesha’s citation, and I recommend again that you go check out the Army’s battlescape explanation of the battle in question. I was able to see Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Petry receive the Medal of Honor in 2011, only the second living veteran to receive the honor since Vietnam, and it is a memory I’ll always cherish. The combination of heroism and humility these guys possess is amazing, and I’m so glad all those who deserve our utmost gratitude and respect are now being recognized while they’re still alive to receive them.