Video: Best punt evah?

It’s 79 yards measured from the line of scrimmage, 89 from the point of the kick. But it’s not even so much the distance as how it gets there and where it ends up. Anyone who’s played a backyard game knows the ball can bounce like Buster Keaton’s hat. I haven’t seen a bounce (or careen?) this lucky in a long time.

Given this happened in a Duke bowl game (yep, that happened), I doubted too many of you caught it live, so enjoy. This is punter Will Monday in the second quarter of the Belk Bowl in Charlotte Thursday. The good news is he’s a freshman. The bad news is Duke football will probably give him plenty of chances to practice his skill:

I’m sure I could weave this laboriously into a fiscal cliff metaphor, but for today, let’s just keep the sports clean, shall we? For all the Duke haters out there, you’ll be glad to hear this was followed immediately by a 99-yard touchdown drive for Cincinnati. It was an entertaining game, and Duke hung in there playing pretty competent ball against a 9-win team, despite being robbed of a 53-yard field goal at the half thanks to an illegal substitution call against the Bearcats. Cincinnati won, 48-34 in a game that went from very sunny to very ugly for Duke in the last five minutes.

And now, in addition to the football, I have this for the ladies. Connor Vernon, a senior NFL prospect and all-time ACC leader in receiving yards (that happened, too). What? I have to cheer myself up during bowl season what with my Bulldogs so royally screwed. I like to imagine the reporter for the Duke Chronicle trying to figure out, “What are these yards you speak of?”

Connor Vernon

Please consider this a bowl season open thread for your venting and predictions, and of course, other highlight links.