Good news: Perpetual campaign turns Obama voters into world's worst telemarketers

Come on, not even a mini-fridge to sell me? On the bright side, if anything can turn the country against the Obama brigades, telemarketing for taxes may be just the ticket:

Aiming to bring public pressure on Republicans to back higher taxes for the rich in the “fiscal cliff” fight, the Obama-Biden campaign today began urging supporters to join a local, online phone bank to help the president blast the GOP.

In an email, supporters are directed to a “Call Tool” where they are provided with somebody to call. Include is a telemarketing-style script to read.

A successful effort will then be tabulated on a “leaderboard” of callers.

“Today you will be calling fellow supporters with a message about extending middle-class tax cuts. Your job is to lay out the choice Congress is facing on keeping taxes low for the middle class, and encourage supporters to call their representative. You will be able to provide all the information,” said the memo emblazoned with the Obama-Biden campaign emblem.

There’s a script. Read it at the link so you can be prepared to swiftly hang up.

And, the DCCC is robocalling on the issue— an effort linked with its Patented New Tone website:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is continuing its offense on tax cuts for the middle class with robocalls in the districts of 35 House Republicans it believes are vulnerable on the issue.

The robocalls charge that the lawmaker at issue “could make sure Congress votes to extend tax cuts for the middle class and avoids the fiscal cliff, but he refuses.”

It’s a reference to the discharge petition introduced by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) last week to extend the Bush-era tax levels for the middle class but allow rates to rise for the wealthy. The petition will need 218 signatures to get to the House floor for a vote, and Democrats will be unable to achieve that majority without help from a few dozen Republicans.

This is the price of an ever-larger federal government involved in ever-more precincts of your everyday life, especially when that government fails to follow the law and pass a regular budget for three years, thereby setting up a fiscal crisis every couple of months. Enjoy!

I’m reminded of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s pitch in the Wisconsin recall election when he ran unsuccessfully against Gov. Scott Walker. It was a modified protection racket pitch. The gist was this: “Look, I know it’s been hell to be in a constant election for two years, with campaign ads running non-stop, people soliciting your signature for recall after recall. The perpetual campaign was perpetrated by my party (when we weren’t hiding out in Illinois) because you made the mistake of duly electing a Republican to the governor’s office. But we’ll stop this kind of thing and leave you alone as soon as you return us to power, and won’t that make everything nicer?” Luckily, Wisconsin declined to accept that trade.

I’m guessing as long as the United States is compliant and elects nothing but Democrats to national office, they’ll stop bugging you in your homes 24/7. Deal?

Credit for front page photo to tj scenes on Flickr.

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David Strom 8:41 PM on March 20, 2023