Video: Let's ask young Obama supporters what they think about Benghazi

I can’t resist this delicious piece of video from an Obama rally at a Ohio university from our friends at Revealing Politics. The way Kelly Maher tells it, this endeavor started innocently as a project to determine whether rank-and-file Obama supporters had bought the line about Benghazi being caused by a YouTube video. As you’ll see, none of them is even capable of buying a line. They don’t even know where their wallets are.

Amazing and dismaying, this inadvertent Jaywalking. As Kelly points out, this is a self-selected group of politically involved college students you’d assume would know more than the average college student. Yikes. What it looks like is a group of college students not even willing to watch The Daily Show to get their news. And, this is what makes me uncertain that a foreign-policy debate can change the dynamic of the race at this point, although more experienced pundits than I disagree.

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