Tim Kaine won't say if he'd support Harry Reid for Majority Leader

The last time we joined former Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen on the debate stage in Virginia, Kaine was bumbling his way through an answer to a 47-percent question, saying he’d be open to a minimum federal income tax for everyone, at all income levels. This jibed perfectly with Allen’s attempts to the former head of the DNC as— what else?— a tax hiker.

Last night, the man who was literally the leading partisan in the country continued his metamorphosis back toward bipartisan moderate by throwing Harry Reid under the bus:

Speaking to reporters following his second televised debate against Republican George Allen Monday night, Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine of Virginia was asked if he would vote for Harry Reid, currently the majority leader, for the Democrats’ top position in the U.S. Senate. Kaine refused to answer the question.

“It’s too early to talk about leadership questions,” Kaine said. “That’s not the kind of thing you talk about when you’re a candidate who still has to win a race. I’m not going to be thinking about things after the race. I still have a lot of hard work to do over the next 28 days.”

Kaine has a small lead in Virginia, according to the Real Clear Politics average, no doubt buoyed by tremendous spending by Obama and the DNC. Read Mike Warren’s whole story to get a feel for the state of the race there.

Before the debate, both Kaine and Allen were on the air with ads. Kaine used the ever-popular Sen. Mark Warner on his behalf while Allen touched on a serious statewide sore spot– looming sequestration cuts that are spooking large military and defense contractor populations.

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