Allen West ad: Hey, guess where I was while my opponent was drunk and disorderly?

Col. Allen West leads Democrat Patrick Murphy by 11 points in the latest polling on Florida’s 18th Congressional District, 52-41. The poll was commissioned by West, and shows progress over a Murphy-commissioned poll from August, which showed the race statistically tied. The poll has a 4.9 percent margin of error.


West is also leading his opponent in ad buys, tripling Murphy’s allotment, according to the Roll Call:

A Democratic source familiar with the buys in the district said West’s campaign was up with 1,400 gross rating points of television from Sept. 25 through Oct. 1 and was booked for 1,600 points from Oct. 2-8.

Murphy’s campaign, a pro-Democratic super PAC and a pro-Allen West super PAC are all also on air right now, but with less of a presence.

Murphy’s campaign had, according to the Democratic source, 450 points of TV through Oct. 1 and 500 points Oct. 2-8.

This is what some of that ad time will look like. Allen released a 30-second ad today hitting Murphy for a 2003 arrest after a night drinking in a South Beach bar, during which he had an altercation with a police officer. The ad uses military-style graphics, a “24” feel, and the help of Murphy’s mugshot to answer the question: Where was Col. Allen West the night Murphy was arrested. The tagline:

“Two men, a country in crisis, you decide.”

Funny subject matter and mugshots aside, as well as West’s rock-star status with conservatives, this is a hot-looking ad. More, please.

H/t Weekly Standard for the video.

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