Video: Guy & MKH preview Ryan speech, RNC Day Two

We’re experimenting a little with Ustream from our spots above the Republican National Convention floor. Guy Benson of Townhall and I had a quick conversation tonight about what to expect from Paul Ryan’s speech. Also, what’s with the revamped conventional wisdom on Gov. Chris Christie’s speech? Somewhere between Tuesday night and midday, it went from fab to a “flop” in the prevailing narrative. We disagree.

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Guy’s got more on the whole speaker line-up and what to expect. He wants Ryan to feel free to go full nerd:

I hope he goes at least “half-wonk,” clearly and honestly explicating the problems we face, exposing the president’s failure to address them, and offering his ticket’s solutions. I wouldn’t mind seeing a debt chart or two displayed on the high-tech arrangement of screens that serve as the podium’s backdrop. Numbers are Ryan’s strength. And those numbers represent what’s at stake in this election. I hope the Romney campaign isn’t afraid to allow him to be the sunny, serious explainer-in-chief that he is. It doesn’t have to be overly wonky, nor does this topic necessitate a dry presentation. But vague, uplifting generalities aren’t the currency in which Ryan trades. Unleash the solutions-oriented, competent, unthreatening nerd.