Christie: We're strong enough to deal with tough truths, America Update: Video added

For your reading pleasure, here is a Scribd version of the entire Chris Christie text.

Chris Christie

Updates and video ASAP, but thought you might want to chat.

Update: And, you thought Ann Romney got all the “awws” tonight. Video of Christie’s kids being caught by surprise CSPAN’s cameras when they were mentioned in their dad’s speech.

The instant reaction to the speech from the Party of President Compelling Personal Narrative is this speech was too much about Christie himself. The parts about him were effective and necessary, since the opposition’s plan is to dehumanize him. To me, it was pretty obviously about the American people, putting faith in them, and asking them to trust their own strength in choosing tough truths over easy lies. Too often, as we skid toward the fiscal cliff, both parties are quick to invoke American exceptionalism as an excuse not to act— “Hey, we’re America. We’ll magically be fine just because we’re America!” Christie’s speech uses the idea of exceptionalism as a call to duty.

Click to watch:

Update (Ed): Here’s the embeddable clip from the RNC: