Good News: No One is Talking to Journalists Anymore

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    In September of 2018, a friend of mine, a bartender named Rick, came home to a shocking sight. His 85-year-old mother was being interrogated by a reporter from the New York Times. The reporter, Kate Kelly, was interrogating an elderly woman about what parties I went to in the 1980s. Kelly had fast-talked her way into Rick’s house, and Rick’s poor mother had no idea what Kelly was talking about.

    Kate Kelly was trying to find dirt on me. My high school classmate, Brett Kavanaugh, was up for a seat on the Supreme Court. Allegations about sexual misconduct had been launched, the opposition researcher and political left had tried to implicate me with Kavanaugh, and the rabid press corp was completely out of control. Thus, they came for me. When I wouldn’t talk, they came for my friends. When my fiends wouldn’t talk, they came for their elderly mothers.

    Kate Kelly is one of the reasons nobody is talking to journalists anymore.

    In a new piece in the Columbia Journalism Review, former Washington Post hack Paul Farhi laments that more and more people are figuring out that talking to a reporter is like inviting Jeffrey Epstein to babysit your kids. 

    Farhi notes how CNN’s Oliver Darcy is having trouble having people respond to his questions. “The phrase ‘did not respond to a request for comment’ pops up almost daily in his reporting,” Farhi writes. “‘I find it strange, to be honest,’ says Darcy. ‘It’s the job of spokespeople to tell the best story about the companies they represent. And here they are actively laying down the sword and not engaging in the battle.’

    Farhi goes on: “Any reporter who has sought comment from the subject of a news story—a basic obligation of impartial journalism—can relate. Non-responses are rife, and growing rapidly. A Nexis database search of hundreds of news sources for the term “did not respond to a request for comment” returned 728 mentions in May 2014. The same search for May 2019 produced 1,590 hits. In May of this year, the number had grown to 3,616, indicating a fivefold increase in ten years.”

    The game is up. The public knows that journalists are out to hurt and defame you and they care nothing about the truth. The Covington Catholic kids, Kyle Rittenhouse, Russiagate, COVID, Kavanaugh - the media are incompetent and cannot be trusted. I find especially rich that Darcy is accusing his targets of “actively laying down the sword and not engaging in the battle." For the past five years, and extensively in my book The Devil’s Triangle, I have been calling out the media on the lies they told about me in 2018, and that they continue to tell. 

    Consider: in 2018 the Washington Post ran a profile of a man named Mike Sacks, who dished dirt about what it was like growing up in Maryland in the 1980s with me and Brett Kavanaugh. There was only one problem: Mike Sacks has never laid eyes on me and Brett Kavanaugh. Sacks admitted as much. 

    Why hasn’t Rebecca Nelson, the “reporter” on this abomination, ever been fired? Why is she not disgraced by this?

    Why won’t she respond when called out?

    Why did Kate Snow of NBC sit on information that would have exonerated Brett Kavanaugh? Why is Kate Snow still employed?

    Why won’t Kate Snow answer when I call her out on social media? Why won’t Marty Baron, the “legendary” former Post editor who talks about me in his book Collison of Power, respond to my corrections?

    Why won’t a single media outlet review my book, which reveals the plot against Brett Kavanaugh, which tried to use me as a weapon?

    Why was Kate Kelly harassing an old woman?

    Why won’t Oliver Darcy ask about The Devil’s Triangle? Why won’t CNN have me on their air?

    Because Oliver Darcy, Kate Kelly, Kate Snow and their colleagues are evil people.They don’t want the truth, they want to destroy your life.

    Drink arsenic before talking to them.

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David Strom 1:20 PM | July 18, 2024