Jill Biden's really amazing first month as first lady vs that Trump woman

You probably remember all the fawning news and magazine coverage during Melania Trump’s four graceful years in the White House.

The oohs and aahs about a stylish first lady who speaks five languages, an immigrant from Slovenia who crafted a successful career as a super model, how supportive yet carefully candid she is about her controversial husband, how protective she is of her only son. Her investment in and clear fondness for children, especially sick ones both at home and abroad. And her campaign to combat childhood bullying.


You remember a good deal of that sympathetic coverage, don’t you?

No, you don’t. You can’t. There was none. Because TDS.

Now, here we are barely one month into the 48 months of the 46th president and the new first lady. And already the fawning coverage is oozing out about Joe Biden’s wife, Jill.

In a weekend article The Hill already likened Mrs. Biden to a couple of legendary presidential wives, Eleanor Roosevelt and Grace Coolidge. Here are some excerpts that give a gauzy sense of what to expect in the media about Joe Biden’s 69-year-old second wife:

The former second lady has eased into her new role as first lady by reviving the Obama-era military families program Joining Forces, bringing baked goods to National Guard troops protecting the U.S. Capitol, appearing in a Super Bowl public service announcement with the family dogs encouraging people to wear masks and staging hearts on the White House North Lawn for Valentine’s Day.

“She has held various virtual engagements to showcase her advocacy for military families, students and community college….Biden is also continuing with her teaching workload, making her the first to hold the role of first lady and maintain a paid position outside the White House…

“She comes into the position at a perilous moment in U.S. history, as the country is almost a year into the twin crises of the coronavirus pandemic and an economic downturn….”

Those who know Mrs. Biden “say she’s up to the task of playing a role in helping usher the nation through a brutal pandemic and the resulting economic hardship.”


The newspaper even interviewed people who like the Bidens. “She doesn’t need any training,” said one friend. “She knows how to play the role.”

“Biden quickly began work on the three areas of focus she had during the Obama administration: cancer, military families and education.” Her busy schedule included meeting with her husband’s education secretary. “The following day she delivered cookies to National Guardsmen in a surprise visit to the Capitol.”

According to The Hill’s breathless story, “Biden’s schedule has shown no signs of slowing down.” This coming week she’s scheduled to be grilled on TV by the singer Kelly Clarkson.

Do not worry if you missed this Washington article. There will be many more where it came from.

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