Did you hear who Obama endorsed in the Dem primaries?

It may come as something of a surprise to Barack Obama that he has already endorsed a fellow Democrat for their party’s presidential nomination in Milwaukee come mid-July.


According to a new Morning Consult poll, most Democrats know that the former president has announced his pick to oust that usurper Donald Trump from the White House.

In fact, 60 percent of likely Democratic primary voters know that he has. These folks are less certain who is the lucky candidate to get Obama’s political blessing out of the eight surviving wannabe’s who still claim to have a chance.

You know, those Chicago pols can be shifty. Maybe Obama even gave his primary endorsement to more than one Democrat, like the New York Times.

Anyway, the largest number of respondents said Obama had endorsed Michael Bloomberg (26 percent). Or maybe it was Joe Biden (25 percent). Others (10 percent) said it was Bernie Sanders. He is, after all, the front-runner, and what pol wants to choose a loser?

Biden would make the most sense. He and Barack worked closely together, they said, for eight years. Biden opposed killing Osama bin Laden. But Barack gave Biden several big assignments — he was to mastermind the complete congressional gun control effort after Sandy Hook.

That didn’t lead to any legislative results, actually. But it did produce numerous meetings and photo-ops.

Obama named Biden to oversee the administration’s entire transparency effort. Biden called a special meeting and closed it to the media.


Obama also assigned Biden to drive the massive, trillion-dollar economic stimulus package that would start producing hundreds of thousands of new “shovel-ready jobs” each month to crush the recession that wasn’t Obama’s fault. That Biden assignment didn’t work out either, actually.

The country had to wait on all those new jobs to get a new president, whose deregulation and tax cuts helped drive the current economic growth and millions of new jobs to create the largest workforce in U.S. history.

That president was Donald Trump, who happens to be Republican. But every Democrat knows that Trump could never have produced such success without the critical spade work of Joe Biden with Obama’s help.

In fact, Joe did such a great job as No. 2 that Obama called him the best VP ever, gave Biden the highest award available, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, .

To be honest, Americans have never been all that taken with electing vice presidents to move up. Ask Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale or what’s-his-name the global warming guy, Gore. Sure, Ronald Reagan’s VP, George H.W. Bush, did win one presidential term. But as a Republican, he doesn’t count.

As it turns out, Barack Obama can’t make up his mind. There are so many great candidates, as this week’s disputatious debate revealed. Bloomberg, the sometime Democrat, has run millions of dollars in ads making it appear Obama wants him as the nominee.


And there have been rumors that in private Obama has disparaged the VP he gave the presidential medal to. But still no BO endorsement.

I love these kind of polls because they reveal a) how inattentive and stupid many Americans are and b) laughing is good for your health.

Remember in 2008, Howard Stern sent a street reporter to gauge voters’ reaction to Obama’s choice of Sarah Palin as running mate. To a person, they loved it, thought she’d be a great vice president, in part because she’s such a proponent of abortion.

Oh, so we don’t forget, five percent of Morning Consult’s respondents also knew that Obama has endorsed Elizabeth Warren. Which should be great news for her.

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John Stossel 12:00 AM | June 21, 2024