Anyone else sick of investigations, probes and inquiries?

Anyone else sick of investigations, probes and inquiries?

Just gonna lay this right out front: I’m so sick of investigations in public life. Everyone is so busy investigating just about everything these days that they’re not getting their regular work done.


Of course, some inquiries are legit. Or used to be before partisan fervor took hold. But not this many!

In fact, that may be the point of so many inquiries. So busy doing them, they can escape their duties, like I did a few years ago finding chores that required immediate doing to avoid algebra homework. Which, by the way, I’ve never ever used in my working life.

Despite already collecting record fines in recent years from Google, the world’s most-used search engine, the European Union announced over the weekend it’s probing Google again, this time over its data collection. That should get some media attention. Oh, look, I’m giving them some right now.

You may have heard a little something in recent weeks about House Democrats investigating the idea of Donald Trump demanding the same kind of quid pro quo from Ukraine as Joe Biden boasts about doing when his son was “working” over there.

Indeed, something like six different House committees are probing various aspects of this Trump issue, which has enabled that august body to avoid addressing minor issues like the new North American trade pact or spending authorizations for the fiscal year that began nine weeks ago.

Those petty things can wait while they work on this show trial.


I’m a big fan of a good mystery–something surprising happens and we follow a clever detective who unravels the story, miscellaneous piece by miscellaneous piece, even some false trails, until we figure out the mystery, but wait, we missed one little detail and the answer lies over there.

The problem with modern-day American political probes is there is no mystery. It’s a done deal. Cooked well-done for larger political reasons. Anyone think House Democrats will opt to vote down Trump’s impeachment?

Because, hey, he’ a loudmouth, but he means well. And Dems can try again to oust him legally by ballot in 337 days.

Remember Benghazi, that awful other 9/11 when four devoted American public were murdered? President Barack Obama was AWOL that entire night doing something he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Hillary Clinton never thought of a backup plan to reinforce or rescue those guys because who’d expect trouble in the Mideast on a Sept. 11th? So, the men died.

Obama condemned the terrorists, of course, blamed a video, vowed swift justice and fled to two crucial campaign fundraisers in Vegas.

The GOP House investigated it. And a special two-man administrative review board probed the night, so thoroughly they never got around to talking with the woman in charge, who’d reduced security for the consulate workers.


Guess what came from those deep DC investigations? Nothing. No one was held accountable because, politics. But, by golly, they got a lot of TV time probing stuff. And dodging other work.

Or the Solyndra scandal when an Obama fundraiser got a $520 million loan guarantee, went bankrupt and we picked up the tab. Or Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder’s gun-running operation that helped arm the drug cartels. Or any of the other scandals that Obama says never happened on his watch.

There are no consequences because, politics.

So, excuse me if I’m one of those viewers who did not help TV ratings for the recent impeachment inquiries.

In fact, we’re calling today for a thorough probe of all these probes that go nowhere. That one will go nowhere too, but we can avoid other work the entire time. And still have no need for algebra.

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