More people are leaving California. But still not enough.

Despite their best efforts, California’s governing Democrats have been unable to spur a sufficient exodus of its over-populated areas.

Last year, new figures show, only 130,000 more people fled the state than entered it. And 142,000 the year before that.


This has been going on for more than 15 years now. But it still hasn’t made a dent in the over-crowded conditions of the most populous state’s metropolitan areas or in its population of 39.6 million people.

That total is still growing by the day because, babies. Apparently, the third largest state is a very fertile place for folks who stay here.

As a result, the traffic is worse. Smog too. Have you made your Memorial Day reservations at the beach yet?

It’s so bad in California now that Eric Garcetti, mayor of the country’s second largest city, himself wants to escape and bless the nation with his governing and homeless expertise from the White House.

California’s Democrats have long held a stranglehold on the state’s government. Dianne Feinstein, who was born during the Great Depression and still doesn’t have a single gray hair, is the one who unsuccessfully tried to screw up the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation. She just won another Senate term over a Bernie Democrat who wanted to spend even more.

Gavin Newsom, another ex-San Francisco mayor, just got elected governor to replace another Democrat, Jerry Brown, who was term-limited twice. So, voters are can expect to reap their reward.

California’s governing party has never encountered any problem it couldn’t let fester into a full-blown crisis. For instance, the absence of reservoirs adequate for the growing population.


But, by golly, it’s right on top of the high-cost, high-speed railroad to connect two minor cities in a state built around cars.

The government will then throw gobs of other people’s money at any problem. That’s actually a major reason why many individuals (and businesses) have left the state, a five-letter word that begins with t- ends with -s and has an -x- in the middle.

Typically, California is the second most-fled state after New York. And Illinois, of course, is up there too. All three have some things in common: that deadly five-letter word again. And a fondness for the party that likes hiking them.

And where do these departing economic refugees go? To Arizona and Nevada, lower-tax places that have had — oh, look — Republican governments. And also Texas, another place stuck with GOP officeholders. California has exported more than 400,000 folks there this century.

But clearly, it’s not been enough.

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