Do NOT read this in bed: It will hurt your sex life

It seems an overwhelming majority of Americans in relationships — and you know who you are — are going to bed with their cell phone. Oh, and there’s a human partner there too.

But the connection to the electronic world seems to be ruining the connection to the human world, literally.

A new study of 2,000 adult partners living together found that among those bringing a phone to bed, connecting with the electronic world was by far the No. 1 nighty-night activity. In fact, the last thing many saw before falling asleep was that glowing little screen, not their partner’s loving face.

And, the report said, partners spend on average three nights a week each using their own handheld electronic devices together in bed.

Bettie Colombo, a spokeswoman for the global tech solutions firm Asurion that sponsored the research, said:

The survey reveals that phones aren’t just changing how we socialize and stay connected, they’re influencing how we relate to each other in our closest relationships…After all, technology is there to help us strengthen connections with those around us, not hinder them.

And there were these other results:

  • An average adult sleeps with their phone at least four nights a week.
  • They spend an average 40 minutes on the phone before going to sleep.
  • Seventy-three percent say they feel pressure to be on their phone at any time of day or night.
  • Fifty-one percent claim they want a better phone-real life balance.But when you think about it, that means nearly half don’t.
  • And 93 percent sleep with their cell within arm’s reach.

Another massive study found that ownership of a TV coincided with a six percent reduction in having had sex in the previous week. Which could mean that those so-called comics on late-night TV are real turn-offs.