In Africa news, Lions 3, Poachers 0

You may know that major dangers to endangered species in Africa are poachers, hunters who sneak in at night and illegally kill wildlife for various body parts. The mammoth animal corpses are simply left to rot.


Now from South Africa, comes an amazing tale of apparent bloody revenge and ravenous hunger, or at least karma.

Late Tuesday, staff at the private Sibuya Game Reserve in southeastern South Africa came upon convincing evidence that at least three poachers had sneaked into the sprawling preserve to kill wildlife illegally.

But instead, the poachers were apprehended and eaten by the preserve’s four-legged security force, a large pride of lions.

Investigators had to wait for daylight and tranquilize some of the large cats to examine the sprawling scene of bloody carnage.

Police found a high-powered rifle with silencer, side arms, ammunition, several days’ supplies, wire-cutters and an ax used to hack off rhino horns.

They also found three pairs of mostly empty shoes and assorted human body parts. Other interlopers may have escaped or been captured and taken to-go.

Nick Fox owns the private preserve, which covers some 30 square miles of wild bush, about a third larger than the island of Manhattan.


“They strayed into a pride of lions,” Fox said. “It’s a big pride, so they didn’t have too much time. We’re not sure how many there were because there’s not much left of them.”

Fox lost one rhino two years ago. Nine others have been poached in the region so far this year.

In China, Vietnam and other parts of Asia, ground horns and tusks are believed to be aphrodisiacs and provide physical enhancements and endurance similar to Viagra and Cialis. They don’t but, as you know, it’s all in the mind anyway.

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