Revealed: Melania Trump's ideal Christmas

And now for something completely different: A December story totally free of  forced kis****,  fondl***, gro**** and humiliating resignat****.

As the Trump family approaches its first holiday season in the White House, we are learning more about the new First Lady. She put her personal touch on some of this year’s Christmas decorations, then hung around the unveiling to thank adult volunteers who helped and to play with their children.


On Wednesday Melania Trump was in Texas with Karen Pence to thank more first-responders for their relief work during and after the hurricanes.

And Thursday, as often seems to happen, Mrs. Trump was back in a children’s hospital to visit, chat and play a little. She’s been consistently drawn to such institutions around the world during her first lady tenure. For example,  in Rome and Paris, where she could chat with children in one of her five languages.

This time her children’s ward visit was back in Washington.

Mrs. Trump showed up at Children’s National Hospital. It’s a long tradition for First Ladies to visit there. Mrs. Trump toured some of the facility, talking with nurses, doctors, staff and bed-ridden patients and their families.

Then, two patients — Alena Sydnor and Damian Contreras — escorted her to the hospital atrium to see Santa and for the First Lady to read to more patients and family.

But this time there was a twist. The First Lady also opened the floor to children’s questions, none of them shouted. We learned a little more about what the holiday season means to Melania Trump.

What’s her favorite book? Probably the one she read, “The Polar Express.’

What’s her favorite Christmas music? O Holy Night.

What’s yours? she asked the child. “Probably Jingle Bells.” The First Lady agreed that was a beautiful song.

What’s Mrs. Trump’s favorite Christmas tradition? A family dinner together on Christmas Eve, then midnight Mass and Christmas Day at home, ending with another family meal together.


What’s her favorite Christmas food? Mrs. Trump dodged that deftly. “My favorite thing to eat is some healthy food. And you feel very good after. Not too much eating. But we all enjoy. The most important part is to spend time with your family.

Then, Andy asked, what would be Melania Trump’s ideal place to spend Christmas? Turns out, it wouldn’t be Washington or Slovenia or even New York. It would be a deserted tropical island with all her family.

Later, Mrs. Trump urged Americans to give some thought to those young patients and their stressed families:

Many of the patients and families I visited with today cannot spend the holidays at home this year. So, I ask everyone to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as we hope for a speedy recovery and joyous New Year.

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