Barred from Trump's Vatican meeting, Sean Spicer finally meets the Pope anyway

Following up on Ed’s post from yesterday, a loose end from this year’s Trump White House turmoil was tied up nicely this week at the Vatican.

Back in May when Sean Spicer was White House press secretary, he was along on President Trump’s trip to meet Pope Francis in Rome. A Long Island native and a devout Catholic, the 41-year-old father of two brought along some personal items for the Pope to bless as he does in such audiences.


For some unknown reason, Trump left Spicer’s name off the list of delegate members who would be admitted to attend the special audience.

Whether simply thoughtless or an intentional slight, Spicer’s absence drew some sympathy from White House press corps members, who often had a contentious relationship with the former communications director and chief strategist of the Republican National Committee.

“This seems needlessly harsh,” tweeted the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, “when else is Spicer likely to meet the Pope, and it mattered to him?”

Well, now the when question has been answered. This week Spicer was a member of a large delegation from the International Catholic Legislators Network, a six-year-old group designed to discuss promoting Catholic principles in the political arena.

As reported by America Magazine, the group received an audience with Pope Francis in the Vatican on Sunday. (Can you spot Spicer in the photo on the right snapping a cellphone photo?)


Vatican media reported the Pontiff told the group:

The laws that you promulgate and apply ought to build bridges between different political perspectives, even when they respond to precise ends ordered to the promotion of greater care for the defenseless and the marginalized, especially the many who are constrained to leave their countries; and when they are in order to favor a correct human and natural ecology.”

Other photos showed Spicer later having a few private moments with the smiling Pope.

A blessed ending.

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