What would the Founding Fathers think of us now?

What would the Founding Fathers think of what became of the independent country they declared on parchment 241 Julys ago?

That distinguished group did not reply to an email request for comment. But Fox News asked 1,017 registered American voters what they thought the nation’s creators would think of this place on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Not much was the answer.

For once, there was bipartisan agreement that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and the rest would not think much of their amazing creation on its 241st birthday.

A whopping 79% of us said those governing geniuses would not be impressed. The Fathers did not think much of political parties. But the Fox News Poll results break down to 80% of Republicans, 78% of Democrats and 83% of independents who agree the Founding Fathers would be disappointed.

While only 16% of respondents thought the Philadelphia crowd would be proud today, although 51% said they themselves are proud of their country now. Some 45% are not proud.

Not surprisingly, by party Republicans (64%) are far more proud of the United States of America than are Democrats (39%), whose most recent president found frequent reason to apologize for his country overseas. Independents are 50% proud, 46% not so much.

Half of Americans think that life for the next generation of their countrymen will be worse than it is today. That’s up from 43% just 10 months ago. As you might expect, Democrats, women and non-whites are the most pessimistic. Just 40% think the next generation will have it better.

One thing that doesn’t require retroactive polling: Safe to say that 100% of the Founders gathered in their long wool coats, leggings and frilled collars in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in July 1776 would approve of this thing called Air Conditioning.